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1. General Provisions
1.1. Project participants are users registered on the GoRails forum.
1.2. Administration - project participants (or persons) endowed with unlimited rights in relation to the forum, the Discord server and the project as a whole. The forum has the title of Administrator.
1.3. Moderators - project participants (or persons) authorized to edit and moderate the forum, Discord server and the project as a whole and / or hold any positions in the Railway Administration. (moved from section 10 of section)
1.4. On the GoRails project, it is strictly forbidden to use any VPN clients, except for OpenVPN, using individual certificates issued by the Project administration.
1.5. Each project participant bears full responsibility for the information published by him on the forum. The administration of the project "GoRails" is not responsible for the statements, opinions, views and actions of the project participants!
1.6. The official languages of communication on the project are Russian and English.
1.7. The official communication channels of the GoRails project are the GoRails Multiplayer discord server (Invitation link: https://discord.gg/PCpHKEF) and the Project group on the VKontakte social network (https://vk.com/gorails_official), including the conversation participants.
1.8. The rights of the GoRails project participants on the Internet are guaranteed and protected by the International Covenant “On Civil and Political Rights” and the “Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”.
1.9. The administration has the right to make changes to these Project Rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) at its discretion.
1.10. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility!
1.11. These Rules apply to all members of the "GoRails" project.
 2. Registration on the forum
2.1. When registering on the forum, a project participant must indicate a working e-mail address to receive a link and activate an account.
2.2. Each member can only have one (1) account on the "GoRails" forum.
2.3. The name on the forum (nickname) of the project participant cannot be vulgar or offensive.
2.4. It is forbidden to register a nickname that is similar to an existing one to such an extent that it may mislead other forum participants.
2.5. After registering on the forum, the participant undertakes not to send messages containing obscene, vulgar expressions, expressions containing threats and / or violating the legislation of the EU and the Russian Federation, as well as inciting religious, racial and ethnic hatred.
2.6. Only the "Site" field is intended for placing links in the profile. In all other fields of the profile, placing links is prohibited.
3. Creating themes
3.1. The title of the topic should be informative and reflect its essence. The title cannot consist only of phrases: "help"; "need help"; "problem"; "what do you think", etc.
3.2. The topic must be posted in the corresponding thematic section of the forum. In case of an erroneous creation of a topic in an inappropriate section, the project participant must make a note in his message (or send a message to the Administrator) with a request to move the topic to the appropriate section.
3.3. It is prohibited:
3.3.1. Write a topic name that contains only capital letters.
3.3.2. Artificial support of the topic by publishing messages that do not carry a semantic load.
3.3.3. Creation of the same themes.
3.3.4. Duplication of topics in different sections of the forum. 


4. Posting messages
4.1. A project participant must write in an accessible language so that any forum participant can understand it.
4.2. In topics that have message / application forms, you must write strictly in the form.
4.3. The participant should not use color tags and bold highlighting unnecessarily. They exist solely to highlight important thoughts, not the entire message.
4.4. Quoting large parts of the text is prohibited. It is enough to quote part of the message so that it is clear what the answer refers to.
4.5. The forum member must write in a font size 14 (14px). A font with a size different from usual is used to highlight individual words, phrases, paragraphs, as well as special occasions (congratulations, emergency announcements, etc.).
4.6. The project participant must write without errors. In case of difficulty - http://www.gramota.ru/
4.7. The project participant should not abuse jargon expressions, especially when it is not required.
4.8. Profanity in any form is prohibited.
4.9. It is forbidden to write messages in transliteration. In case of difficulties - http://www.translit.ru/
4.10. It is forbidden to leave meaningless messages that do not carry a semantic load, flood, offtopic.
4.11. It is strictly forbidden:
4.11.1. Publication of deliberately false information, slander.
4.11.2. Placing links to pirated and (or) pornographic resources.
4.11.3. Registration of the second nickname.
4.11.4. Threats, insults and curses, incl. using profanity against other forum members.
4.11.5. The use of dishonest methods of conducting discussions in the form of "distorting" the statements of the interlocutors, editing / deleting their own messages in order to distort / hide their original meaning, as well as provocations aimed at project participants, as a result of which these Rules may be violated.
4.11.7. Create messages that contain only capital letters.
4.11.8. Placement of advertisements not coordinated with the Administration of the GoRails project.
4.11.9. Intentional damage and (or) distortion of the name or nickname of the project participant.
4.11.10. Advertising and promotion of sites / goods / services of erotic or pornographic orientation.
5. Participation in multiplayer
5.1. All multiplayers are organized and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the RTrainSim Railroad Instruction Book (SIP).
5.2. Multiplayers are held only in the official voice channel of the GoRails project.
5.3. Participation in multiplayer cannot be limited due to the activities of the Project participant on any other resource (project).
6. Avatar and signature
6.1. Each participant can set their own avatar.
6.2. The avatar must not contain obscene elements.
6.3. Avatars and signatures should not contain bright, contrasting colors, cutting eyes and distracting attention.
6.4. Signatures should be no more than three lines.
6.5. The signature font must not be larger than 12.
6.6. Signatures must not contain abusive and obscene expressions and must comply with these rules.
6.7. Captions should not contain images or links.
In exceptional cases, userbars. 

7. When communicating in the official voice communication channel of the GoRails project, it is prohibited to:
7.1. Express obscene language, offensive language and swear words, incite interethnic strife.
7.2. Advertise third-party sites, groups, resources, projects of other Discord and TeamSpeak servers in any form (in the description, in the name, in the conversation, in the name of the channel, etc.) without prior approval from the Administration.
7.3. Insult, humiliate and belittle other project participants, their opinions, views on life, as well as provoke such statements and become personal.
7.4. On the GoRails Multiplayer Discord server:
7.4.1. Use nicknames that contain offensive or obscene words.
7.4.2. Use meaningless nicknames.
7.4.3. Use other people's nicknames.
7.4.4. Create interference that interferes with the communication of other participants.
7.4.5. Use the “Voice Activation” and “Continuous Transfer” microphone activation method.


8. Punishments
8.1. For a minor violation, the project participant receives a verbal warning. In case of ignoring the warning, or gross violation of these rules, more severe penalties are applied up to permanent blocking on the project.
8.2. In some cases, pre-moderation is applied to project participants.
8.3. In individual cases, the Administration may apply an individual decision regarding the imposition of punishment.
8.4. For violation of paragraphs 2.2-2.6, a project participant can be blocked or removed.
9. The forum welcomes
9.1. Friendly attitude towards other project participants. The ability to listen and respect the interlocutor, even if views differ, is the main value of the project.
9.2. Posting any useful information in accordance with the topics of the forums, for example - thematic articles.
9.3. Posting any advice, questions, help in the relevant sections of the forum.
9.4. Placement of links to interesting network resources on forum topics.
10. Administrators and Moderators
10.1. Moderators have the right to hide, edit, move or close topics in case of violation of the rules. Moderators do not have the right to delete posts and topics of users.
10.2. In some topics, Moderators have the right to allow some deviations from the rules, in the context of a particular topic and the forum as a whole.
10.3. It is STRONGLY prohibited to delete the notes made by the Moderator or Administrator in messages.
10.4. The administration and moderation of the forum reserves the right to refuse participation in multiplayers, as well as to restrict participation in certain events without giving reasons, or in cases where they affect the work and conduct of multiplayers.
10.5. The actions of the Moderators are non-negotiable. If you disagree with the actions of one or another Moderator, you must send a complaint with a full history of correspondence to the Administrator or by using the feedback form.
10.6. Actions and decisions of the Administrators on all issues are final and not subject to discussion.